Overdrive Th400
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TH400 Specs, Info, and Identification Drivetrain.

The TH400 is an aluminum cased three speed automatic transmission that was produced by GM. It was introduced for the 1965 model year and made its debut in Cadillacs, and is respected for its durability and adaptability. The TH400 came in two wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles, passenger cars and heavy duty trucks, as well as GM vehicles and those made by other manufacturers. If you want an overdrive solution for an older GM vehicle, I would suggest getting a built 700R4. It’ll be way less hassle and provide the same overdrive, without nearly as much hassle. See Also: TH400– All info on the TH400 this site has in one place. 4L80E specs .

The TH400 transmission has available a variety of performance ratings, such as mild, heavy duty, super sport, and SS Xtreme. The higher model that is chosen,. 10/01/2010 · looking for cheap overdrive units for my transmission other than gear venders website, any help would be appreciated, i have a350 with a th400 in a. I bought a 4L80E automatic trans out of a late model pickup to put in my ’66 Bel Air. We swapped a big block Chevy into the car a few years ago with a TH-400 transmission and now I’d like to add an overdrive. The TH400 was first introduced beginning in 1964, as it began to replace the Super Turbine 300 transmission, which was a 2 speed automatic. The Turbo 400 was placed in many cars across GM as well as other car manufacturers during its long production life.

Not only will an Overdrive Transmission improve your performance, but it will reduce your fuel consumption by up to 33%. We have everything you need to make the conversion from the older TH350, TH400, and Powerglide to the newer Overdrives. If you are looking to go with more than 500 horsepower, maybe the 4L80E is the right transmission for you. Siellä on impulssianturi hännässä, se ei tiedä käytettävästä vaihteesta tuon taivaallista, mittaa vaan ulostuloakselin nopeutta. Kickdowni hoidetaan sähköllä, joko niin että virtalukolta tulee virta kaasupolkimessa tai sun tapauksessa TBI-ruiskuyksikön kyljessä. Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic is the registered tradename for a family of automatic transmissions developed and produced by General Motors. These transmissions mate a three-element turbine torque converter to a Simpson planetary geartrain, providing three forward speeds plus reverse. Find great deals on eBay for th400 overdrive and overdrive unit. Shop with confidence.

Because it’s an overdrive transmission, you can significantly improve performance in your vehicle. Take your car to the next level by upgrading your current TH350 or TH400. Take your car to the next level by upgrading your current TH350 or TH400. By only switching to the 4L85E, you would be running about 2,900 rpm because of the.75 overdrive. Now, lock up the converter, and that drops to 2,600 rpm.” By adding the 4L85 to the car, fuel mileage will obviously increase for two reasons; the Overdrive and the lock-up converter. It is hard to say how much of difference, because that will. Add the benefits of a final overdrive ratio to reduce engine rpm and increase fuel mileage by typically 20-28% and you have a product that is the single biggest innovation you can bolt to your car or truck. With fuel costs high the overdrive can pay for itself in mileage and engine wear reductions.

where can i get a cheap overdrive unit for my.

Kysyisinkin kuka korjailee laatikoita onko kokemuksia? Kone ja loota on nyt irti ja meinasin käyttää lootan huollossa, löyty öljynvaihdon yhteydessä kesällä pohjalta semmonen ohut lisu, joten läpikäynti on varmaan paikallaan.Niin ja sitten se hinta? Maximum Offroad Transmissions was established. in 2009. We specialize in GM rear wheel drive transmissions for rock crawlers, prerunners, ultra4, trophy trucks and many more. Gear Vendors Auxiliary Overdrive Units, increase fuel economy by 20%! GM Cars, Pickups and RVs with TH350, TH400 3 speed automatics. Save Engine Life -600 RPMs, Improve Fuel Economy 20%, Towing and Hill Climbing Performance Improved with Gear Splitter. A lot of people claim that he TH350 has less drivetrain loss than the TH400, which means that all things being equal, the TH350 is going to get more power to the rear wheels from an engine with equal power. This is due to more rotating weight existing in the larger TH400 case. Here is a writeup on ET loss from TH350 to TH400.

05/11/2005 · So I got ahold of a '92 Chevy Truck TH400 out of a C3500 1ton this gets you the HD TH400 Case. The case is much heavier and stouter than the regular TH400 case. I traded a burnt up TH350 to my cousin for this one. I also procured a mid '60s Ford truck 2 speed with the AUX. Overdrive unit that came stock from the factory. The Big 3 all had AUX. The overdrive should shift from 4 th to 3 rd, 2 nd and 1 st, 3 rd to 2 nd and 1 st and 2 nd to 1 st under specific conditions and should NEVER shift back and forth between 4 th and 3 rd. The problem with these cables comes from the swap itself. Muscle Cars / Hot Rods GEAR VENDORS can give your GM / Dodge / Ford vehicle up to twice the forward gear ratios, unparalleled performance and the ultimate in horsepower handling of any auxiliary transmission. There is no competing underdrive or overdrive transmission available on the market that will give you the performance of aContinue reading Muscle Car/Hot Rod →.

11/09/2014 · Should you Add Overdrive to your Classsic Car or Muscle Car Vinnie and Jeff discuss the pros and cons of Overdrive for classic and muscle cars. Home page: ht. Chevy's Turbo Hydramatic 400 TH400 transmission is one of those legendary pieces of equipment that helped to define the muscle-car generation, and it continues to be one of the most common and highly regarded transmissions in today's enthusiast market. GM 3-Speed Automatic Truck/Motorhome With the GEAR VENDORS dashswitch in “auto” you will have automatic overdrive just like the vehicle came with a factory system. The GEAR VENDORS will shift on and off without attention of the driver and can be used while towing up to combined weights of 30,000 lbs. An interactive floorswitch is. Installation is very simple in most applications as follows: Just remove the transmission extension housing and bolt on the GEAR VENDORS replacement housing which has an eight hole pattern to receive the overdrive. Tighten the eight nuts and take the driveshaft with the new yoke included to the local driveshaft shop to be shortened as per the instructions. Turbo 400 on sale with Free Shipping, Now offering TH400, TH-400, Monster 400 Transmission, heavy duty Th400 and heavy duty Turbo 400 with new lower prices.

Find Overdrive Units and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! There is the Ford AOD automatic overdrive transmission on one hand, and the Turbo 400 TH400, on the other. However, car enthusiasts may be quick to settle for the Turbo 400 due to the popular belief that it is the king of performance transmission.

  1. 23/08/2006 · I have a mechanical overdrive that replaces the tail shaft on a TH400 transmission. I have tried everything to find out what it is and who made it. My BB Chevy is pushing 700HP and the overdrive holds up. The only markings on it are R11-1P, W.G. Div. and J-26-62 which would suggest it was built January 26, of 62. Does anyone have any idea where.
  2. 29/09/2004 · I'm not sure how well an overdrive kit would do on a Th400. I've seen people add modules of some sort to the tailshafts and get an overdrive from that. I'm not sure how it.

What's it like driving with a Gear Vendors OD? February 7th, 2013, 12:37 PM I'm seriously considering a GV overdrive for my 55 chevy, in case you don't know it has a mild blown big block, and TH400, and I drive it everywhere as well as race occasionally. 4L80E vs. TH400. As stated before, the 4L80E is similar to the TH400. It has a 25 percent overdrive and is 4 inches longer than the TH400, but the trans mount is moved rearward by an inch-and-a-half. Also, the 4L80E is roughly 50 pounds heavier compared to the TH400 because of the electronic control.

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